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Co-operating for Leadership in Tourism

Financing Programme: Erasmus +


Implementation Period: 16.11.2015 – 30.10.2017


Total Budget: EUR 148 113


Project Description: The project's scope is to develop and test capacity-building trainings and tools to train a team of professionals and trainers with appropriate skills and expertise who can directly assist destinations and enterprises to support their strategies, plans and actions for sustainable tourism growth. The specific objectives are to establish innovative training practices in sustainable tourism based upon PM4SD, which will be included within the European Vet system; to build talents and capacity in the regions involved; to improve training and employment opportunities (better-skilled workforce, enhanced service quality, better tourism experiences); to improve knowledge, skills, and aptitudes of the European workforce as a factor of innovation, productivity and competitiveness; to transfer, develop and innovate tourism knowledge-based practices into new and innovative vocational teaching and training materials and methods.


Countries Included: Bulgaria, Malta and UK


Role of BEF: Partner organisation

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