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NONA - New gOvernance for New spAces, DRP020051

Financing Programme: INTERREG Danube Region Programme 2021-2027


Implementation Period: 01.01.2024 – 30.06.2026 (30 months)


Total Budget:  EURO 2 960 195,00

Project Description:

Unsustainable land use is threatening quality living areas in the Danube region. There is a need to re- evaluate the value and potential of existing assets, including degraded areas (Das), to prevent new land take. Revitalisation of DAs can contribute to a more sustainable territorial development. The process is hindered by lack of capacities and efficient governance to mainstream investment in new, greener, more responsible land use in line with ecosystem capacities.


NONA’s main objective is to develop a new multi-level governance model for mainstreaming green investment into sustainable territorial development in the Danube region. By functional cooperation of public authorities, civil society, and the private, investment and financial sectors, the model will lead to improved capacities of cities and regions for triggering and implementing investments into more responsible land use practices as a basis for a new green and just economy.


This will be achieved by delivering a robust, scalable Model for Green Investment, a set of tools that will empower cities in the Danube region for mainstreaming green investment. The model will be developed through bottom-up participatory processes on 3 different spatial scales in 10 pilot areas, reflecting the diversity of socio-economic realities in the Danube region. It will be upscaled and mainstreamed through the NONA Academy, supporting local communities in the Danube region in planning and funding their green and just transition processes, and enabling access to green investment through the Danube Green Investment Hub.


Partners: 18 organisations from 10 countries – Slovenia, Germany, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Moldova, Ukraine

Role of BEF: Partner organisation

News from the Project

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