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ICT for Start-ups

ICT for the benefit of start-ups
(BG05M9OP001-4.001-0013- C01)

Financing Programme: Human Resources Development Operational Programme


Implementation Period: 3.10.2017 – 31.12.2018


Total Budget:  EUR 121 431,44 (BGN 237 499,25)


Project Description: The main goal of the project is the transfer of social innovations to promote self-employment and entrepreneurship in Bulgaria through transnational cooperation. As a result of the project, BEF will transfer three innovative practices aimed at increasing the use of ICT for the benefit of start-up entrepreneurs: entrepreneurship training with a focus on the use of the Internet and social networks, a video course on entrepreneurship and a new approach at BEF for the use of ICT in favour of entrepreneurship.


Countries Included: Bulgaria & Italy


Role of BEF: Lead organisation

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