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Start of NONA Project

On February 29, 2024, the kick-off meeting of the "NONA - New Governance for New Spaces, DRP020051" project was held. The project is funded by the EU and implemented within the Interreg Programme Danube Region 2021-2027. This European Transnational Cooperation Program involves sharing and implementing joint solutions to address common challenges and problems in the Danube Region, thereby aiming to bring the participating countries and regions closer together.

The main goal of the NONA project is to develop a new multi-level governance model for integrating green investments in sustainable territorial development in the Danube region. This will be achieved through functional cooperation between public authorities, civil society, and the private, investment, and financial sectors. The new model will improve the capacity of cities and regions to trigger and implement investments in responsible land use practices, including degraded areas. It will serve as the basis for a new green and fair economy by providing a scalable Green Investment Model and a set of tools that will enable cities in the Danube region to integrate more and more green investments.

The NONA project is implemented by 18 partner organizations from 10 countries - Slovenia, Germany, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Moldova and Ukraine.

04 March 2024


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