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The SpinIT Project is Launched

On January 16, a kick-off online meeting was held to mark the launch of the SpinIT project. The project is co-funded by the European Union and is being implemented under the Danube Region Program 2021-2027. The program aims to create a sustainable environment for transnational cooperation to achieve territorial, economic, and social integration through the new EU cohesion policy. The program will pay special attention to everyday challenges to ensure that the different needs of countries, given their various political and economic statuses, are addressed in a balanced and well-integrated way.

The SpinIT project addresses territorial disparities by promoting innovation and stimulating regional development. It aims to increase the impact of IT, Industry 4.0 and cross-sectoral cooperation in less developed geographical areas, leading to sustainable development in the Danube region.

The SpinIT project brings together 16 project partners from 9 countries in the Danube region. Its goal is to promote the exchange of knowledge and implementation of cross-border pilot projects in digitization, information technology, Industry 4.0, and cross-sectoral cooperation.

During the meeting, various issues related to project management and communication within the consortium and the upcoming event in the Croatian capital, Zagreb, were discussed. This event will be the first time that representatives from all project partners will meet each other in person.

17 January 2024


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